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Why choose SpeakerStack?

We solve problems that speakers have organizing their content, engaging their audience and interacting with show organizers. For Show Organizers and Conference Planners we streamline access to information.

Speaker Portal

Create a place to store and organize all of your documents and speaking engagements.

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When you sign up, you'll automatically get a public profile to share with your fans.

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Keep track of all your speakers and their content in one place. No more chasing emails!


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SpeakerStack has the features that Speakers need

  • Simplicity
    SpeakerStack is the first and only way for speakers and presenters to manage everything in one place. Our fresh, clean interface makes navigating easy and provides a fun way for you to stay involved with the speaking community.

  • Calendar
    Add your events and sessions for easier viewing of where and when you're speaking. The SpeakerStack calendar allows you to keep track of what documents you planning on using at each session.

  • BIO
    Tell the speaker community and your fans what you're all about. Share details to allow everyone to get to know you! SpeakerStack can pull information from your social networks and provides you the power to edit and add as your grow.

  • Document Management
    Upload your presentations, handouts, and video clips for the fastest way to organize and share content. SpeakerStack supports all major formats and has connectors for places like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Box even FTP.

  • Audience Engagement
    Don't leave participants of your sessions wishing they'd taken better notes or wondering what happened when they had to step out of the room. After sessions are over, your audience can follow up on SpeakerStack and continue the conversation.

  • Free...
    SpeakerStack will always be free for signup! You will never be charged to have an account. In the future, there will be extended features that you can pay for, but initial signup will always be on us.

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Conference and Show Organizers need tools!

  • Automation Ready
    SpeakerStack is geared towards helping the event industry with a too well known problem. Our goal is to provide consolidated, organized and integration ready data. We will help you get from speaker list to speaker profile in the shortest amount of time.

  • Stress Free Followup
    Tracking it all down is tough, receiving documents and handouts is difficult, and getting it all done before the event is stressful. SpeakerStack is designed to take some of the burden off so you can focus on other event details.

  • All in one!
    SpeakerStack is meant for a wide range of organizers and events. Whether you're planning an event with 10 speakers or 2000, export all of your speaker data.

  • Affordable
    SpeakerStack has a straight-forward pricing structure. At $5.00 for each speaker, you get an online workflow and approval process, notifications, and system generated automation (emails, SMS, reminders, API, File hosting, etc).

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We are excited to introduce a tool to solve some of the confusion and headache between Speakers and Show Organizers.

John Curtis | Founder


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